Client Corner

Client corner is a dedication page to all clients who inspire us all, by breaking through amnesic barriers to release their creative potential to be heard. Below are links to clients who wish to freely express themselves and tell their stories with their ‘explicit consent’ to help promote awareness.

We’re often told how much we inspire people but the fact reminds they inspire us.  By staying with us during their darkest hours and over coming many painful obstacles and problems.  Sometimes terrifyied to the point of being paralysed but still they remind with us. We have the privilege of witnessing and experiencing our clients journey, everyday.  As they see sight of light during therapy but often their journey to experience, what it is to live, really begins when therapy ends.

All you need to build mental resilience as a nomad

Pilotfish is the first crowdsourced database of mental health information for digital nomads, by digital nomads. All of their information is validated by professional psychotherapists.

Introducing Glassbox Podcasts by Pilotfish

Helping digital nomads understand, cope with and improve mental health.

Hosted by Joseph Pack & David Downes



The Devil’s Voice: Don’t say a word

by Eileen Houseman (Author)

This is a true story of rape, abuse and attempted murder. A journey through the eyes of a terrified, petite and defenceless five year old little girl to an eighteen year old teenager.

The battle to overcome the scars of my hidden past and to endure the painful steps in order to unlock and tell the memories of horror, in the hope of making a success of my life.

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Shorty Short

by Chloe Bampton (Author)

Just some short stories by a Girl who’s a little bit crazy. Read, Enjoy, Share! I wish I could have gone back and changed everything before I became this crazy person. I wish I could have ran away from society because society changes people and people change people… People destroy the society and the society crumbles piece by piece, what is the point of having people and a society where no one works together, and no one understands?- Society Has Changed.

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After being disappointed with a previous therapist, I was referred to Rebecca; I cannot praise her enough, her kindness, understanding and professionalism, as well as being extremely empathetic. She was able to get to the heart of my problem really quickly, made me realise what I needed to do to put myself in a better place. I am now much more secure and in a happy place. I would like to thank her for her help.

May 5, 2016