Our 360 Approach

Within the Biopsychosocial Model, together our work is focused not only upon what’s psychologically discussed when in any given session, but also upon what is biologically and socially happening for you.  As well as your family outside of the consulting room, which may require us to direct you to another professional, howsoever.

In our experience it’s not enough to simply address all issues with a one dimensional psychotherapeutic intervention, when there is so much more happening in a person’s life, or that of a corporate organisation. As Accredited BACP Psychotherapist’s, we work in collaboration with a team of multidisciplinary mental healthcare, medical and legal professionals. Brought together to speedily fulfill individual and organisational needs working firmly around the Biopsychosocial model.

Biopsychosocial Model

We provide psychotherapeutic interventions via the use of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) & EMDR but not exclusively. Coming from an integrative trained background, we may use an eclectic blend of different styles of approaches with what we believe or feel’s our experience tells us will work best. Either in general or suiting the often immediate needs of individual clients and working within our own preferences and capabilities as practitioners.

“It’s about you and those who are important to you.”

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Pathways of referrals

  • Self-referral
  • GP
  • Company
  • Occupational Health
  • Insurance Company
  • Private Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Social Services
  • Court

What we do

  • Corporate
    – Performance Coaching
    – Management Consulting
    – Workplace Counselling (EAP)
    – Workplace Mediation
  • Private
    – Integrative Counselling
    – CBT & EMDR Psychotherapy
    – Coaching
    – Family Mediation
  • CPD
    – Professional Supervision
    – DSA Approved Specialist Student Mentoring
    – CPD Workshops

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I’ve never experienced therapist like David, with him I had more of a feeling that I was in control of my own recovery. It felt far more positive and as if I was actually achieving something.