Different Perspective

We offer a different approach from a different perspective, whilst promoting positive well-being.

“It’s a world of colour, when you look from a different perspective.”

We work in support of facilitating change from different perspective’s  for private and corporate UK. Being niche HR Business Partners, we present a unique advantage of also being fully qualified and Accredited BACP Psychotherapists, CBT/EMDR Therapist’s, Coaches, Mediators, Trainers and Clinical Supervisors. This is especially beneficial when working with HR departments in support of their absentee management programs.

“Empowering people to embrace change, positively and proactively.”


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Local services for local people – uncapped sessions


Qualified & BACP Accredited Psychotherapist’s

Low Costs

Let your insurance provider or employer contribute


Logical & first choice for private healthcare providers

Our approach helps people address an array of life challenges, before they become distractions, impacting upon home life as well as work performance. In helping individuals address personal life issues, we help you and your employers stay ahead. Rebecca says:

“We bridge the gaps in support of all departments involved in the process of human resource management solutions.”



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Pathways of referrals

  • Self-referral
  • GP
  • Company
  • Occupational Health
  • Insurance Company
  • Private Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Social Services
  • Court

What we do

  • Corporate
    – Performance Coaching
    – Management Consulting
    – Workplace Counselling (EAP)
    – Workplace Mediation
  • Private
    – Integrative Counselling
    – CBT & EMDR Psychotherapy
    – Coaching
    – Family Mediation
  • CPD
    – Professional Supervision
    – DSA Approved Specialist Student Mentoring
    – CPD Workshops

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I’ve never experienced therapist like David, with him I had more of a feeling that I was in control of my own recovery. It felt far more positive and as if I was actually achieving something.