Professional Supervision

Clinical Supervision provides a collaborative process between two or more practitioners of the same or different professions. This process encourages the development of professional skills and enhances the quality of patient care through the implementation of an evidence-based approach to maintaining standards in practice. These standards are maintained through various methods of evaluation, discussion around specific patient incidents or interventions using elements of reflection to inform the discussion.

We offer individual supervision sessions, but have a preference towards offering two hour group supervision sessions to a cohort of not more than four counsellors. As we believe it to be a more cost effective solution for trainee and newly qualified counsellors alike, that also fulfils BACP requirements for the granting of Diploma’s and Accreditation purposes.

DSA Specialist Mentor

Specialist Student Mentoring aims to provide support which facilitates competence in self-management of a mental health difficulty or other chronic condition. As a specialist mentor we help students to develop and maintain more realistic study patterns, enhancing their ability to overcome barriers to success, and thereby providing them with a more equal chance of achieving academic and personal goals. As well as, helping students come to terms with their diagnosis and any medication they have been prescribed in relation to the impact it may have on their studies.

Specialist mentoring is not the same as Study Skills Tuition, which some students with specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia and dyspraxia) may require. This is not the same as counselling/psychotherapy as the main difference being that the focus of mentoring sessions can be more practical. As a mentor we can also work with you on a more long-term basis.

CPD Workshops

We take intense pride in the quality and effectiveness of our CPD workshops. Over the years, we have satisfied the training needs of hundreds of Companies and delegates, whose testimonials confirm the quality of DRDownes training.  Designed to get the maximum benefit from a half day, choose from the broad range of topics for an instant boost in your effectiveness.

Anger Management Training
Individuals will learn to understand anger, manage anger effectively, stop violence or the threat of violence and develop self-control over thoughts and actions.

Assertiveness Training
Assertiveness is not necessarily easy, but it is a skill that can be learned. Developing your assertiveness starts with a good understanding of who you are and a belief in the value you bring. Assertiveness training helps to build self-confidence and provides many other benefits for improving your relationships at work and in other areas of your life as well.

Stress Management in the Workplace
Within this workshop we will give advice on the causes of stress in the workplace and good practices for avoiding and dealing with its effects.  You will also find details of legal duties and obligations relating to work related stress and links to further information. The one thing you need to understand to minimize stress and improve productivity.

Mindfulness practice allows you to be able to identify, tolerate and reduce difficult, painful and even frightening thoughts, feelings and sensations; it gives you back some sense of mastery over them. Rather than feeling that you are being pushed around by your feelings and thoughts you learn to be able to have some agency over them. This workshop encompasses how to create your own mindfulness exercises and learn to develop mindfulness strategies.

Living with Development Disorders
Aspersers/Autism/Pathological Demand Avoidance/Oppositional Defiance Disorder et al. Behind The Behavior explains how to identify the root cause of ANY behavior so you can finally get results without guessing or struggling to understanding. Gain a greater insight into the defense mode a truly revolutionary and proven approach to Asperger’s that creates positive change in life for someone with Asperger’s… Without them even knowing it!

Pain Management
Everyone understands the concept of pain, as we have all at some stage experienced it.  Effective and safe management of pain is a priority for all of us.  The specific issues addressed within the workshop include: improving the recognition of unrelieved acute and chronic pain, learn management techniques through creative therapeutic and pharmacological Interventions.

I’ve never experienced therapist like David, with him I had more of a feeling that I was in control of my own recovery. It felt far more positive and as if I was actually achieving something.